• What Happens During a Case Assessment?

    Personal Injury Lawyer in Tracy, CA If you have sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, you can schedule a case assessment with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options. During this initial consultation, the accident attorney serving Tracy and Manteca will evaluate the circumstances of your injuries. You can expect to answer questions such as how you sustained the injury, where you were at the time, whether there were any witnesses, and whether a police report or other incident report was filed. Your attorney will also ask you some questions about the extent and severity of your injuries, and whether they have led to other losses such as lost wages and medical expenses.

    Then, personal injury lawyers will discuss the merits of your case and explain the likelihood of obtaining compensation. Depending on whether or not you could have a claim, your lawyer may ask you to sign some medical release forms and to disclose your insurance information. Before your consultation has concluded, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the injury lawyer any questions you may have.

  • Tips for Talking to Your Adult Children About Your Estate

    Estate Planning with Child There are many aspects to estate planning near Tracy and Livermore. A lawyer can help you by preparing your last will and testament, drafting your advance healthcare directive, and finalizing other important documents. However, it’s important not to overlook another key aspect of estate planning : Discussing your decisions with your adult children. Some parents prefer to discuss estate planning with each adult child separately, while others prefer to disclose this information during a family meeting.

    Decide Which Information to Share

    Meet with your lawyers to finalize the details before broaching this topic with your children. Decide ahead of time whether you will share specific information, such as the amount your children might expect to inherit. If so, it’s typically best to underestimate this amount, just in case your living expenses are greater than you plan for. Or, you might only wish to tell your adult children that they will have an inheritance without specifying a dollar amount. This is a decision left to your discretion; however, keep in mind that if you have established trusts for your children, it may be wise to explain the basic structure of the trust.

    Discuss Family Heirlooms

    If you have jewelry or other family heirlooms to pass down, you have the right to decide who will receive which item. However, you may wish to bring up this issue with your adult children to prevent any future disagreements. You can always have your estate planning attorney amend your will to reflect your children’s preferences. For example, one child might prefer to receive antique furniture, while the other may be more interested in family historical records.

    Explain Practical Considerations

    Even if you prefer not to tell your adult children exactly what they can expect to inherit, it is a good idea to let them know that you have made a will. Let them know where they can find your important documents in the event of your death, who will administer your estate, and what steps they must take in the aftermath of your passing. Consider writing a list of people they can contact, such as your estate planning lawyer and financial advisor.

  • Settling Car Insurance Claims | Bakerink, McCusker & Belden

    If you are hurt in a car accident , you should consult with a personal injury lawyer near Tracy or Livermore. Your lawyer will make sure you are properly compensated, whether through a settlement or in trial.

    Only a personal injury lawyer knows the value of a claim, which is why you should never attempt to settle with a car insurance company on your own. If you attempt to settle without consulting lawyers, you could end up accepting far too low of an amount. An injury lawyer can evaluate your case to determine how much money you may be entitled to—and what is fair to ask of a car insurance company. If you are hurt and desperate, you need an attorney to fight for your rights.

  • Wrongful Death Law in the News: The Paul Walker Case

    If a loved one has died in an accident, you have the right to consult a personal injury lawyer near Tracy and Livermore to discuss whether you have the basis to file a wrongful death lawsuit . Meadow Rain Walker, the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, did just that following the 2013 crash that claimed her father’s life. The young woman’s personal injury lawyer is demanding compensation on her behalf from the defendant automaker, Porsche. In her complaint, her attorneys have alleged that had it not been for certain design defects, Paul Walker may have survived the crash.

    You can watch this video to learn more about this wrongful death lawsuit or consult an accident attorney to discuss filing your own lawsuit. This news clip explains that Meadow Walker’s lawyer alleges the model of Porsche that Paul’s friend had been driving trapped Paul in the passenger seat. Otherwise, Paul may have been able to escape the car, which quickly became engulfed in flames.

  • Could You Benefit from a Living Trust?

    Benefit from a Living Trust You may already know that every adult should explore the basics of estate planning with an estate attorney near Tracy and Manteca. Although a last will and testament is often the first document that comes to mind when one is thinking about estate planning, a revocable living trust could be just as important. A living trust is a legal document that establishes control of any assets placed into the trust. For many people, setting up a living trust makes good sense for financial and practical purposes. Consider talking to a living trust attorney to find out if this arrangement could be right for you.

    Would You Like to Retain Control of Your Assets?

    A living trust may be appropriate for you if you’re looking for a way to plan for the future while currently maintaining control over your assets. When your attorneys establish a living trust, you are named the trustee. In other words, you aren’t forfeiting control of your assets just yet. In the event that you pass away or are declared incapacitated, control of the trust is transferred to the trustee whom you have designated.

    Is Privacy Important to You?

    When a decedent’s estate goes through probate, his or her financial affairs become a matter of public record. If you value your privacy, you can speak with an estate planning lawyer about creating a living trust, which will never become a publicly accessible record. This is an attribute of living trusts that may be particularly attractive to individuals with substantial wealth and those who are known to the public, such as elected officials.

    Could Your Heirs Benefit from Avoiding Probate?

    Many people consult a lawyer about establishing a living trust because they want their heirs to avoid the probate process upon their death. Probate can take months to finalize and in the meantime, heirs may need financial assets to take care of funeral costs and other expenses. When your successor trustee assumes control of the living trust upon your passing, he or she can distribute assets in a matter of weeks.