Tracy Probate Matters

Do you need help with the probate process?

The probate process is similar to the trust administration process. If you have been elected by a deceased loved one to administer their will, consider hiring our Tracy and greater Central Valley estate planning attorneys to assist you!

As a personal representative, you must perform various duties including:

  • Locate and control assets
  • Identify and resolve any issues with creditors
  • Pay necessary taxes
  • Fully account for all your actions
  • Distribute assets according to decedent’s will

However, unlike a trust administration, the probate court oversees the probate process. It also may take longer, cost more, and is more public than a trust administration. Prior to beginning the probate process, you must obtain the authority to proceed by the court. If the decedent had a will and you were elected as the personal representative, you must prove the validity of said will. If your deceased loved one did not have a valid will, you may be named the administrator via the probate court.

If you have been named the personal representative or administrator for your deceased loved one’s probate, do not panic. We at Bakerink, McCusker and Belden Law can help. Contact us today at (209) 835-9592 to receive a complimentary case evaluation. We handle cases in Tracy, Manteca, Livermore, & the greater Central Valley area.