Wrongful Death Law in the News: The Paul Walker Case

If a loved one has died in an accident, you have the right to consult a personal injury lawyer near Tracy and Livermore to discuss whether you have the basis to file a wrongful death lawsuit . Meadow Rain Walker, the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, did just that following the 2013 crash that claimed her father’s life. The young woman’s personal injury lawyer is demanding compensation on her behalf from the defendant automaker, Porsche. In her complaint, her attorneys have alleged that had it not been for certain design defects, Paul Walker may have survived the crash.

You can watch this video to learn more about this wrongful death lawsuit or consult an accident attorney to discuss filing your own lawsuit. This news clip explains that Meadow Walker’s lawyer alleges the model of Porsche that Paul’s friend had been driving trapped Paul in the passenger seat. Otherwise, Paul may have been able to escape the car, which quickly became engulfed in flames.