• Finance & Investment Tips: What is the Probate Process

    Probate is a process whereby an individual passes away without a will, or with a will and not a trust, and must go through a lengthy court process. To avoid having your surviving loved ones deal with the court process or state rules on your personal financial matters, speak to an attorney about your estate administration in Tracy .

    If your estate ends up in probate, your assets will be completely tied up until a judge determines that creditors and tax obligations are satisfied. While an estate planning attorney can still offer assistance with probate matters, the process takes longer, costs more, and is more public than if a last will and testament had been left. Probate is completely avoidable if you arrange your financial affairs with an attorney before you pass away. By creating a will and trust, you can ensure that your assets will be equitably and efficiently divided according to your wishes.

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    The attorneys at Bakerink, McCusker & Beldin are here to represent you in personal injury cases and estate planning. If we have recently represented you, take a moment to post a positive review on our Google+ page.

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  • Should You File a Personal Injury Claim After a Dog Bite?

    Dog Bite in Tracy After you suffer a personal injury from a dog bite, contact a firm with personal injury lawyers serving Tracy. A personal injury lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case and determine if you may be entitled to compensation.

    If you have sustained a serious injury after a dog bite that has cost you money in medical bills, lost wages, or general pain and suffering, you most likely have a personal injury claim. Dog bite costs exceed over $1 billion in the United States alone. Because of the bacteria living in a dog’s mouth, dog bites can turn fatal if the wound becomes infected. Dog bite laws vary depending on the state, and only an injury lawyer knows the ins and outs of local laws and is familiar with state courtrooms. Contact a lawyer to discuss your personal injury claim if you are hurt, have incurred any bills, or have had your property damaged.

  • What Happens During the Insurance Investigation in a Personal Injury Case?

    Immediate Medical Care Icon If you been hurt in an accident, the first thing you should do after seeking immediate medical care is to contact a personal injury lawyer near Tracy . Almost everyone feels understandably confused and overwhelmed after suffering a personal injury. Unfortunately, even your own insurance company does not always have your best interests at heart, and is usually only looking out for their bottom line. Continue reading to learn more about how insurance companies will investigate your claim.

    Recorded Statement

    After a personal injury, insurance companies will begin the investigation by asking you a number of questions to collect information about the facts of the accident. Insurance companies will also try to secure a recorded statement where the injured person describes the accident and specifies her injuries. Never give a recorded statement. Instead, let your personal injury lawyer speak to the insurance company to make sure your rights are protected. Otherwise, anything you say may be used against you.

    Personal Information

    Remember, insurance companies want to collect any negative information they can to lower the value of your personal injury claim. After getting your statement, the next step in the investigation is to check all proprietary insurance claims databases to find out whether you have ever filed a personal injury or property damage claim. Insurance companies will also Google you and investigate your Facebook page to try to prove that your personal injury is not as significant as you say.

    Medical Records

    Insurance companies never trust injury lawyers to turn over all information. The final step in an investigation is to secure all your medical records, even if you have already given your diagnosis and documented all expenses. An insurance company will likely send you an authorization form that allows them to access the records themselves. Never sign the authorization unless your personal injury lawyer advises you to do so. You may inadvertently give the company access to your lifetime of medical records, which they can use against you.