• Can a Parent File a Personal Injury Claim for a Child?

    Parents of children who have been injured as a possible result of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions should consult a personal injury lawyer in Tracy or Manteca. A personal injury lawyer will review the case to decide if it is appropriate to pursue damages. Since the rules of statutes of limitations are different when applied to children, it is possible for the child to wait until the 18 th birthday before filing a lawsuit on his or her own behalf. However, a guardian ad litem can also file a lawsuit on behalf of a minor child prior to the 18 th birthday. Usually, the appointed guardian ad litem is the natural parent of the child.

    Many lawsuits resolve with settlement arrangements. If the personal injury lawyer negotiates a settlement on behalf of the minor child, then the court must approve this settlement before it can be finalized. The injury lawyer will file the minor’s compromise petition with the court to seek a court order approving the settlement.

    Personal Injury Claim in Tracy

  • Understanding the Basics of Estate Taxes

    One of the most important parts of estate planning involves setting up your estate in such a way that your beneficiaries are protected from taxes as much as possible. For sizable estates, estate taxes are a major concern that your estate planning attorney in Tracy and Manteca can help you prepare for.

    The government charges estate tax when your beneficiaries inherit money above a pre-determined amount. This amount is adjusted frequently by the government. The government could take a substantial amount of your estate if estate tax applies to you. A lawyer can help you set up the distribution of your estate in a way that minimizes the tax burden for your beneficiaries and saves a significant amount of money.

  • When Is a Restaurant Liable for Your Slip and Fall Injury?

    Restaurant Slip & Fall Injury Restaurants are prone to spills and chaotic conditions, which means they are also prone to hazards that cause people to slip and fall. When you’re hurt in a fall in a restaurant, how do you know if the restaurant is to blame? Personal injury lawyers in Tracy can evaluate your case and let you know where you stand. This information will also help.

    To prove that a restaurant is responsible for your slip and fall injury, your personal injury lawyer must demonstrate that the fall occurred because the restaurant was negligent in some way and that you did not do anything to contribute to the fall. For instance, your lawyer must show that there was a spill on the floor that the restaurant was negligent in not cleaning up and that you did not ignore any wet floor signs before slipping in the spill. When your injury lawyer successfully makes this case, then the restaurant may have to pay for your medical costs and compensate you for any pain and suffering that occurred because of your injury.