Tips for Documenting a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and Fall Cases in Tracy, CA

Slip and Fall Injury Slipping and falling is usually not a major problem for most people. In fact, many falls happen within the home and do not involve serious injuries. However, when a person falls on someone else’s property and sustains injuries, he or she may decide to consult personal injury lawyers located in Tracy or Livermore. A personal injury lawyer will review the available evidence to determine if someone else might be held liable for the injuries. One effective way to help your personal injury lawyer prove your allegations is to take photographs of the accident scene immediately after you fall.

Photographic evidence is difficult to dispute in court, especially when it depicts problems such as loose floorboards, broken handrails, or other tripping and slipping hazards. In addition to providing your injury lawyer with photographic evidence, you may have other evidence to support your case. This might include copies of your rental agreement if you fell on your landlord’s property. Personal injury lawyers are also likely to request copies of medical bills for your injury treatments.