Keys to Winning Your Negligence Case

Accident Injury Claim Compensation

Accident Injury Claim Compensation Your personal injury lawyer serving Tracy will work closely with you to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case. To win a personal injury case on the basis of negligence, your injury lawyer will need to prove a few basic principles in court. First, your lawyer will demonstrate that your actions at the time of the incident were reasonable and that you were exercising caution. In other words, your personal injury lawyer will demonstrate that you were not at fault for the incident that caused your injuries.

Second, the attorney will prepare a reasonable argument and show evidence that demonstrates that the defendant was negligent in some manner. The defendant may have maintained hazardous conditions that led to a slip and fall incident, for example, or the defendant may have been driving recklessly when he or she struck your car. In some cases, a personal injury lawyer may concede comparative negligence. That is, you may have been partially responsible for the incident, yet the defendant carried the majority of the blame. For example, if you are determined to have been 20 percent responsible for the incident, you may be entitled to 80 percent of the compensatory damages.