Thank you Michael and Paula for your amazing guidance!

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September 2018 my mom passed unexpectedly. It was only then I learned that she made me the sole executor of her trust. I was thrust into a moment of life where reality collided with responsibility. The grief was overwhelming, but I needed to immediately consolidate a lot of moving parts and finalize her wishes for the family. I was lost – I felt very alone and did not know what I was doing. Who would? I found Michael Belden and he sat with me, at no charge, for an hour to ensure I was comfortable with him as my attorney. I knew right away that he was the professional I needed. He and his wife Paula gave me the comfort and the calming I needed to traverse a world I did not know. Step by step, over the period of one year, Michael guided me to the conclusion of the trust. I am so grateful to Michael and Paula for their empathy and their professionalism! They are the best! After this experience, I didn’t hesitate to have them update our family trust to ensure that my family is secure after our passing. Thank you so, so much Michael and Paula!

C.C Trust Work April 15, 2020