Can I Decline to Be an Executor?


An executor of a will oversees the probate process and administration of the will’s terms. It is a large responsibility that can sometimes put you in the middle of tense family disputes, and in some cases, you may wish to avoid the complications that come with taking on the role. It is possible to decline to be an executor, but you may need to work with the estate planning lawyer in Tracy to relinquish your position.

Estate Planning Lawyer

If you decide that you do not want to be an executor before the person who is nominating you passes, then you can simply inform him or her to instruct the estate attorney to take your name off the will. If you find out after someone’s death that you have been named as executor in someone’s will, then you will need to contact the probate court to find out the process for renunciation of your position. An Attorney Firm can also explain how to make sure you are completely relieved of your legal responsibilities as executor. Contact us today for more details or to book a consultation.