What to Expect from a Personal Injury Case Assessment

If you have been injured as the result of the reckless behavior of another party, you have the right to consult a personal injury lawyer in Tracy or Livermore. It’s a good idea to ask if there are any documents you should bring to your first consultation with your lawyer. To perform a thorough case assessment, your lawyer will likely need to see your medical records. You’ll be asked to sign a medical release form. You can rest assured that your injury lawyer will keep your information in the strictest confidence. Your lawyer may also ask to see your insurance policy, and the police or accident report.

Personal injury lawyer in Tracy, CA

Your personal injury lawyer will ask you some questions about the incident. Provide all the details you can remember about what happened before, during, and after the accident. Using all of your information and relevant documents, your lawyer will weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the case. You’ll discuss whether there is merit to pursuing a lawsuit. If so, your lawyer will identify one or more defendants.