What Not to Say After a Car Crash

Personal injury lawyers in Tracy and Manteca can assist you in securing compensation after a car accident . Unfortunately, many car crash victims inadvertently compromise the influence of their personal injury lawyer by saying the wrong things to the other driver. Since your personal injury lawyer won’t be on the scene to guide you, it’s important to know the ins and outs of conversing with the other driver after a crash.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Although you’ll need to gather certain information from the other driver such as the driver’s license number and contact information, you should refrain from discussing anything else with him or her. In particular, injury lawyers strongly recommend not discussing the specifics of the crash, such as which party made which mistakes. Never apologize for the crash because this can be misinterpreted as an admission of fault. The insurance carrier will attempt to pin the blame on you, even if you truly weren’t at fault, and apologizing to the other driver will only serve to substantiate the case against you.