Who Might Be Held Liable in a Dog Bite Case?

Dog Bite Case

Dog Bite Case Dog bite cases fall into the category of personal injury cases. If you were injured by a dog bite, your personal injury lawyer in Tracy will help you determine the right party to pursue for damages. Generally, this is the dog’s owner.

Proving who should be held liable for a dog bite injury depends partly on state law. Some states hold owners responsible any time any animal bites someone, while other states only hold the owner accountable if he or she was aware that the animal was dangerous. In addition to the dog owner, animal keepers, landlords, property owners, and parents of minors who were in control of the dog during the bite incident can also be held responsible. In deciding whom to sue for damages, your lawyer must also plan a strategy that shows that you did not contribute to the incident with your behavior, such as ignoring a warning sign about the dog or acting aggressively towards the animal. If the other party can prove that you are at least partially liable for the bite, then your ability to receive damages may be compromised.