What You Need to Know About Storing Your Will

Storing Your Will

Probate Attorney Services in Tracy, CA Once you go through the process of estate planning in Tracy and complete your will, you then have to decide how to store it. Many people overlook this part of preparing a will, but it is crucial. Without proper storage, your will runs the risk of being damaged, lost, stolen or even unfound by your beneficiaries. Here are some of the storage options you can consider for your will.

Fireproof Safe

If you decide to store your will at home, then find some place with more protection than a standard file cabinet. A safe that is fireproof will protect your document in case of an incident in your home. A safe that is both fireproof and waterproof offers even more protection. Keep in mind that if you buy a standalone safe or even a fireproof lockbox that it could be easily stolen from your home. Having a safe that is built into your wall offers the best protection for storing your will at home. If you decide to keep your will at home, make sure your executor knows where to locate it in the event of your death.

Attorney’s Office

Some people choose to ask their attorneys to keep their original will documents. This solution is ideal if you know you will maintain a relationship with that attorney. Be sure your executor or your beneficiaries know which attorney is holding your will, particularly if you believe there is a chance you will not continue contact with the lawyer after your will is prepared. If you decide not to have your attorney keep the original draft of your will, ask that he or she keeps some copies, so that these are available should your original be lost.

Safety Deposit Box

Many people opt to keep their wills in safety deposit boxes, which are considered to be one of the most secure locations. Be sure to review the laws in your state for opening safety deposit boxes with your attorney. Most states require very specific documentation to open a box after someone’s death, so be sure your beneficiaries or executor will have the appropriate information to obtain the will.